Collection: Room and Linen Mist

Do you want to adjust the atmosphere of your interior to your mood, your desire or your event? Let yourself be seduced by the collection of ambient and linen mist, a range of natural and diversified products that perfume your home and your textiles with various scents. Choose the mist that suits you among the multiple fragrances offered, whether they are floral, fruity, woody or spicy. A simple gesture is enough to spray a few drops on your fabrics, your pillows, your bedding or your sofa and feel a sense of comfort and pleasure. The ambient and linen mists are composed of natural fragrance oils, which give them their delicate and unique fragrance. They leave no traces or residues. They are also respectful of the environment and your health, without paraben. Treat yourself with the collection of ambient and linen mist, the perfect range to make your home a space of well-being.

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